Travis Kelce Chiefs Christmas White Varsity Jacket

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Product Specification

Material: Fleece Material
Internal: Soft Viscose Fabric Lining
Collar: Rib Knitted Collar
Sleeves: Long Leather Sleeves
Cuffs: Buttoned Cuffs
Pockets: Two Waist Pockets Outside, Two Pockets Inside
Closure: Front Open with a Buttoned Closure
Color: White Color Body and Black Sleeves, with Kansas City Logo on the Chest and “CHIEFS” along with “KC” Logo at the Back
Men’s White Varsity Jacket

XS 36-38″ 42″ 17.5″ 25″
S 38-40″ 44″ 18″ 25.5″
M 40-42″ 46″ 18.5″ 26″
L 42-44″ 48″ 19″ 26.5″
XL 44-46″ 50″ 19.5″ 27″
2XL 46-48″ 52″ 20″ 27.25″
3XL 48-50″ 54″ 21″ 27.5″
4XL 50-52″ 56″ 22″ 28″


Travis Kelce Chiefs Christmas White Varsity Jacket

Embodying the essence of the holiday season with a distinctive blend of festive cheer and sporting zeal, the Travis Kelce Chiefs Christmas White Varsity Jacket stands as a beacon of elegance and team pride. Crafted meticulously by Paradise Jackets, this apparel piece encapsulates the essence of the Kansas City Chiefs while radiating the joyous spirit of Christmas.

Celebrating Sporting Excellence:

The Kansas City Chiefs, a powerhouse in the realm of American football, have garnered immense admiration and a dedicated fanbase. Travis Kelce, an iconic figure within the Chiefs’ roster, embodies skill, determination, and a spirit that resonates with fans worldwide. This Christmas-themed varsity jacket pays homage to Kelce’s brilliance and the team’s legacy.

Craftsmanship Personified:

At Paradise Jackets, each creation is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every stitch, every fabric choice, and every design element is meticulously curated to ensure perfection. This Travis Kelce Chiefs Christmas White Varsity Jacket is a true embodiment of excellence, reflecting the dedication of the artisans behind its creation.

Design Elegance:

The jacket’s design marries the elements of the Kansas City Chiefs’ iconic colors with festive Christmas cheer. The pristine white base serves as a canvas for vibrant red and gold accents, evoking the team’s signature hues. Intricate detailing, including the team logo, Kelce’s jersey number, and holiday-themed embellishments, adorns the jacket, creating an eye-catching and celebratory ensemble.

Quality Materials:

Paradise Jackets is renowned for sourcing only the finest materials to ensure utmost quality and comfort. The Travis Kelce Chiefs Christmas White Varsity Jacket boasts premium-grade fabrics that exude luxury while ensuring durability. From the soft inner lining to the resilient exterior, this jacket embodies the perfect harmony of style and comfort.

Versatile Fashion:

Beyond being a sports-themed jacket, this piece seamlessly transitions from game day to festive gatherings. Its versatility allows fans to showcase their team pride during the holiday season, making it a cherished addition to any wardrobe. Pair it with casual jeans for a laid-back look or combine it with semi-formal attire to exhibit an upscale yet spirited ensemble.

An Ode to Christmas Spirit:

As the holiday season unfolds, this jacket becomes a symbol of joy, warmth, and unity. Adorned with elements reminiscent of Christmas, such as snowflakes, candy canes, and festive patterns, it encapsulates the merriment of the season. Wearing this jacket isn’t just about supporting the Chiefs; it’s about celebrating the magic of Christmas with fervor.

Uniting Fans:

More than a piece of clothing, this varsity jacket serves as a unifying force for fans worldwide. It transcends geographical boundaries, bringing together individuals who share a common love for Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the jubilant spirit of the holidays. It becomes a conversation starter, fostering camaraderie among enthusiasts.

Tailored Comfort:

Paradise Jackets prioritizes not just style but also wearer comfort. The Travis Kelce Chiefs Christmas White Varsity Jacket is tailored for an impeccable fit, ensuring ease of movement and a flattering silhouette. Its lightweight yet insulating design makes it an ideal choice for chilly game nights or cozy Christmas outings.

Exclusive Collectible:

Limited in quantity and exclusive in nature, this jacket stands as a collectible item for avid supporters and collectors alike. Its rarity adds to its allure, making it a prized possession that resonates with the true essence of being a dedicated Kansas City Chiefs aficionado.

Embracing Tradition:

In the realm of sports, traditions hold immense significance. This Christmas-themed jacket embodies a fusion of sporting tradition and holiday festivity, allowing fans to uphold cherished customs while celebrating their team’s legacy.


The Travis Kelce Chiefs Christmas White Varsity Jacket crafted by Paradise Jackets isn’t merely attire; it’s an emblem of unwavering team allegiance, holiday exuberance, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Its fusion of sports and festivity resonates with fans, becoming a timeless symbol of celebration and pride. Embrace the holiday spirit while showcasing your support for the Kansas City Chiefs with this exquisitely designed and meticulously crafted jacket from Paradise Jackets.

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