The Impact and Versatility of Varsity Jackets

In the past few decades, Men’s fashion has upgraded either with a Letterman-style Varsity Jacket for men or a bomber-style one. These jackets were typically worn by high school and college athletes and featured the team’s name, logo, and colors. It won’t be surprising to hear that they have significantly impacted fashion. They have helped bridge the gap between sportswear and everyday attire. Today, men of all ages and backgrounds wear them as they are no longer reserved just for athletes. Another way is the introduction of new materials and colors into the mix. While classic wool and leather jackets remain popular, more unique materials, like nylon and polyester, and a more comprehensive range of colors and patterns have been introduced. Over time they have evolved into a fashion statement with a wide range of styles and designs that reflect the changing tastes and trends of the times. In an attempt to make you aware of the different types, we have gathered some information on each one of them below.