Women’s Biker Lime Green Leather Jacket


External: Faux Leather
Internal: Viscose Lining
Closure: YKK Zipper Closure
Collar: Notch Lapel Collar
Cuffs: Zipper Cuffs
Color: Lime Green

XS 30-31″ 34″ 14.5″ 24.5″
S 32-33″ 36″ 15″ 24.5″
M 34-35″ 38″ 15.5″ 25″
L 36-37″ 40″ 16″ 25″
XL 38-39″ 42″ 16.5″ 25.5″
2XL 40-41″ 44″ 17″ 26″
3XL 42-43″ 46″ 17.5″ 26.5″
4XL 44-45″ 48″ 18″ 27″


Women’s Biker Lime Green Leather Jacket

“Ride with Radiance: Women’s Biker Lime Green Leather Jacket – Elegance in Motion”

The Women’s Biker Lime Green Leather Jacket isn’t just an outerwear piece; it’s an embodiment of vibrancy and bold style. Envision yourself adorning this jacket—a celebration of individuality and a symbol of audacious fashion.

In a sea of conventional colors, the lime green hue of this biker jacket dares to stand out. Its striking appearance isn’t just about fashion; it’s a statement—a proclamation of confidence and dynamism.

When you slip into this jacket, you’re not merely wearing clothing; you’re embracing a lifestyle—a fusion of biker culture with high fashion. Its sleek design and vibrant color palette redefine what it means to be bold and chic.

The allure of the Women’s Biker Lime Green Leather Jacket extends beyond its color. Crafted with meticulous precision, it embodies the essence of fearless femininity—a testament to the contemporary woman’s spirit.

Welcome to the paradise jacket collection, where individuality is celebrated and style knows no boundaries. This lime green sensation isn’t just a jacket; it’s an expression—an exuberant blend of elegance and rebellion.

However, personal sentiments regarding fashion often vary. While some may perceive the boldness of the lime green hue as invigorating and refreshing, others might find it too audacious for their taste. Yet, this diversity in perspective is what makes fashion intriguing—an open canvas for self-expression.

For those seeking a statement piece that exudes confidence and flair, the Women’s Biker Lime Green Leather Jacket is a beacon of style. Its magnetic appeal invites you to step into a world where boundaries are shattered, and fashion becomes an extension of your personality.

Embrace the vibrancy and dynamism of this jacket—a canvas where your individuality paints the strokes of your style story. It’s not just a biker jacket; it’s a journey—an embodiment of your spirit that navigates the roads of fashion with unbridled elegance.


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L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, M, S, XS


Black, Green


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